MINI: Cruise Day

Today is our transatlantic cruise day from Southampton to Halifax… Well not for Scott and I, but for our MINI.


Some interesting factoids:Torrens1

  • Our MINI was the 33rd to be placed on the ship at 12:55pm – I’m not sure if they’re using UTC or British time (BST/GMT)
  • They started loading at 12:17pm, the last MINI to be loaded was 2:40pm
  • There are 180 MINIs that were supposed to be part of the shipment with a bunch flagged as “Return to Shipper” at 5:07pm, ours is not one of them.  Doh!  I hope nothing is up with the cars and that has to suck for the owners!

According to the Port of Southampton Vessel Traffic Services, the Torrens is set to sail at 10pm tonight from dock 44, which is in the Ocean Dock area.



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