MINI: Got our VIN

Yesterday my dealer told me that we have a VIN and passed it over to me.

The VIN is quite a powerful number right now because this allows me to track the creation of our new car.  Sadly, BMW Canada nor MINI have a site I can login to to track this, like BMW in the US does.

That does’t mean having the VIN is for naught, for I can go to, enter the last 7 digits of my VIN and find all out kinds of stuff about my car, such as:

  • It is indeed a left hand drive
  • 5 doors
  • It’ll have a B36M engine in it
  • Manual transmission as ordered
  • It is in Electric Blue (B86)
  • We don’t know the Production Plant or Production Date yet, but I am pretty sure it will be Plant Oxford.

The site also confirms all of the standard equipment and options that we selected with the vehicle.


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