MINI: Handling in the snow? Freaking awesome!

So Toronto is getting hit with some major snow and sleet tonight. I’ve been really waiting for this kind of weather because not only do I want to see how my Pirelli snow tires handle but I also wanted to see how my 2016 MINI Cooper handled given I’ve had the car only a month and four days, and my first MINI.


I’ve never had more fun driving in snow. I did test pushing the limits slightly to see how traction control would kick in and handle the car. Just awesome. I feel more comfortable driving this than my previous car, I think. I am certainly feeling a lot more confident, not so much to be an idiot on the road, but certainly I know I am driving a good car for snow.

If you’re driving in snow – definitely get snow tires.

Some other thoughts:

  • The LED headlights with adaptive are great in this weather!
  • The heating system is amazing! I’ve never had a car heat up so quickly and clearing the windows so effectively.
  • Heated seats, enough said. 🙂
  • The big mirrors really help with blind spots (although that’s more general).

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