Prius: Returned

Today was a sad day.  We returned our trusty Toyota Prius, our second which was a 2012.  As I’ve always said, I will always recommend pretty much any Toyota.  They truly are great cars and last.  We had absolutely no issues with the car.

Why get rid of it?  End of lease, and we wanted something a bit zippier and, admittedly more fun.

What about upgrading to the new 2016 Prius that’s more efficient?  I didn’t want a longer and wider car.  I actually prefer smaller cars, and we both wanted manual.

Whoever gets the car, I hope will treat it well.

I think I had four complaints about this car

  • The lighting seemed dim even on dark roads.
  • The sound system in Toyotas is horrible relative to other cars, very front loaded, with no sound in the back.  Friends sitting in the back often had problems hearing people in the front.
  • The infotainment system seemed quite slow and was slow to connect to bluetooth devices.
  • The voice recognition system was horrible was not great.

But it was also 2012 technology.  So you can’t blame it that much.

Note that none of my complaints had anything to do with how the car handled and drove. Although, after driving the MINI over the past few days, the Prius really did not make tight turns.  That, is comparing apples to oranges though, in the car world.

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