I am a Prius fanboy.  Why?  Exceptionally cool tech gadget, it’s a hybrid, it’s a midsize car, it’s peppy, it looks like a sports car and it looks cool.

2009 Prius in Black

What’s not to love driving a fast car, that doesn’t suck a lot of fuel these days?

To the guy in the tricked out truck that yelled at me saying, “Get a real car!”, as far as I’m concerned he needs to get real.

Scott and I had a 2009 Generation 2 Prius, base model, so it didn’t have the navigation system, bluetooth, JBL audio system, or the wireless entry.  It was nicely appointed and a great starter Hybrid if you’re looking for a used car.  As Toyota advertises – Epic Reliability!

As of April 14th, we are the proud new owners of a 2012 Nautical Blue Generation 3 Prius with Moonroof and Solar Panels.  The thing looks like a Tron Lightcycle, especially from the back.  This will be the car we drive into the ground, I am sure of it.

What’s not to to love about this dashboard:


This one is like going from Captain Kirk’s Enterprise to Captain Picard’s. Uhura? Troi?


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