The Long Commute – Part 2

So the last trip ended with a… bang.  HAHAHA!  Alright, I had to get that funny out of the way.  Meanwhile, at home, Scott broke his pinky finger and was put into a cast.  Fingers crossed that he is out of the cast this Friday in time for Toronto Pride.

On Tuesday, I made my way back down to Uruguay for three weeks this time staying in the sleepy resort town of Carrasco.  I achieved Air Canada Top Tier Prestige status about 200km out of Toronto.  When I get back from Montevideo, I will have achieved AC Top Tier Elite.  YEAH!  My first time doing so – Lounge Access, Preboarding and the ability to use my upgrade miles on trips like going to Uruguay. Mmm… lie flat beds.

I am walking a lot – 15 minutes to get dinner and 15 minutes back every day, and I plan to walk to work on Monday and Tuesday as the one office is only about 4km away.  The other requires at taxi ride or a drive.

The trip is going well – it has been quite sunny and it’s a beautiful sunny day today.  About 18C, feeling 16C.  The first trip to establish yourself in a foreign country is always tough.  This time I feel much more at home.

The hotel is the Regency Rambla which is a modern hotel, really nice, opened in 2011.  It is much closer to the two offices, traffic is not as bad and you can see around corners.  US$100 to US$149 per night.  I don’t have a view of the Rio Plata, but my view is not bad – and nicer than the Sheraton at US$229 a night.

Needless to say, I am choosing not to drive – also given how expensive it is, it is cheaper to cab.  Let’s see… 2 days a week at Zonamerica is US$50 per day in taxis.  US$100 per week, $300 total.

The two car rentals I had – one was about US$400 for the week, the other around US$500.  So it’s cost effective.

Carrasco is a resort town from the 1930s.  People from Montevideo would live in Carrasco during the summer.  It was somewhat left in the 1950s and it undergoing a resurgence.  There is a BEAUTIFUL hotel that is being renovated by Sofitel – it should be spectacular.

The architecture here is amazing, and looks like it’s from the 1960s, and really well maintained.  I’ve already picked out a few that I would love to own.  LOL

I am going to spend Pride and Canada Day weekend in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Something I am looking forward to.  The Hotel Axel was recommended to me – it’s a ‘Heterofriendly’ hotel.  A nice twist on being gay friendly.

Pride weekend is my 15th anniversary with Scott.  Since we won’t be together, I took him to Rodeo which is a Brazilian restaurant in Toronto at Danforth and Broadview. The food was amazing, and I can’t say I’ve had better meat on swords.

When I get back – Uruguayos food!

This will also be the first Pride in 16 years I completely miss and the third time I will have not marched (1995, 2010 and 2012).

I will be back in July.  In the meantime, I’m going to do my best to enjoy things.

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