The long commute – Part 3: This time it’s business

Ravioli, Double Rum and Coke Zero, and a chocolate chip cookie

Coming to you live and direct from the international Maple Leaf Lounge here at Pearson International Airport where I’m, once again, headed back to Montevideo.

This time in a much deserved Executive First seat on a 767 headed south for 11 hours.  I’ve been looking forward to this experience since well before I earned Elite status.

The last time I flew British Airways back from the UK with Scott in 2001, we had business class seats that were somewhat lie flat , however it felt like a quasi-business/cattleclass with the seat setup they had and not much privacy.

So in many respects, this is my first real lie flat experience.  Given I’ve not been able to sleep well on the previous flights, this will be a real treat.

This time, being in the A row, we have the back of the B row facing us so I have even more privacy.

I’m bringing about $75 worth of Maple Syrup in my bags to give to my coworkers and for those who said they wanted more.  I’m also bringing a surprise for everyone, to be cooked up by me during the Asado being held in another week. *GRIN*

The weather in Montevideo has warmed up!  A low of 9C and a high of 21C this week, unfortunately mostly rainy.

We’ll see what adventures I get up this trip!

Sadly, I’m missing the excitement of the bathroom renovation.  It’s like Christmas everyday with seeing new changes.

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