The Magic

Scott and I are on our new, annual vacation.  Something we committed to last year when we went on our honeymoon.

We’ve had a few interesting ‘magic’ moments during our holiday this post is my way of thanking everyone who added to the magic thus far:

  • Scott and I have been trying to find a Piglet pin for me, for a year and they simply don’t exist these days, or so we thought.  We went to the Pin Traders at Downtown Disney near The Marketplace and asked.  One of the cast members actually had one, and when asking what we could trade it for, she gave it to us!  We had gone off to pay for some other pins and went to find her again and she had disappeared.  We didn’t get her name, but still want to say thank you to her!
  • When we got to our room, we had noticed two omissions – Bev’s character autograph book, and a mis-spelling of my name on an embroidered blanket.  It was too late to call, but we called in the morning.  They had the autograph book to us within 30 minutes of our call, and a new blanket was waiting for us at night.  They didn’t take the mis-spelled one, so we have a funny momento of our time here.
  • At Cinderella’s Royal Table, Scott asked how much it would cost to get additional copies of the picture and frame together.  $29.99.  We opted not to as not all of us needed the frame and there were extra copies of the pictures.  As we were eating dinner, John, the cast member handing out photos came up to us and asked about Betty and Bev’s first time, our anniversary and my 40th birthday we were celebrating.  He passed us an additional 2 packages!
  • Additionally at Cinderella’s Royal Table, I was given a HUGE cupcake for my birthday.   Thank you again to the folks at Cinderella’s Royal Table for helping us celebrate Thanksgiving, and for making that night magical.
  • On our way out of Cinderella’s Castle after the fireworks, we ran into the stage manager of the show and he provided us with some neat info about the castle, some of the changes they made to the lighting and a tip on what’s coming up for the holiday season. *GRIN*
  • PhotoPass – They now do videos!  We have two – one featuring Betty screaming on Seven Dwarves Mine Train and me being very stoic; and Mike from Monsters Inc. bouncing around one of our pictures. 🙂

Talk about some great memories and things we’ll cherish for life.  Thank you to everyone who has made out trip thus far.

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